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ivy leaf  Ivy Cotler Chef/Owner Phone: 485-4200

ivy leaf  Ideal vegetarian dinners when you’re too busy to cook, or lunches for those days on the go!

ivy leaf  Please order by Monday night for Thursday Delivery–or available for pickup Wednesday

KEY: 1st date is order date - 2nd date is delivery date.


2/5 - 2/8 CROWD PLEASER! BLACK AND WHITE ENCHILADAS (wheat free) - Corn tortillas filled with a delectable combo of black beans, feta and cream cheese topped with a zesty Mexican red sauce. (325 cal / 8.5g fat / 11g fiber / 15.6g pro / 48.5g carb

2/12 - 2/15 CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED! MUSHROOM BROCCOLI STROGANOFF - Mushrooms and broccoli in a light sour cream-sherry sauce with garlic, sundried tomatoes and egg noodles. Delish! (388 cal / 6.4g fat / 8.4g fiber / 13.4g pro / 42.5g carb

2/19 - 2/22 A EUGENE FAVORITE! SMOKY MEXICAN LASAGNE - The subtle smoky flavor of chipotle chilies (smoked jalapenos) complements the Mexican red sauce and cheese, spinach and corn filling. (215 cal / 3.7g fat / 6g fiber / 15.3g pro / 27g carb)

2/26 - 2/29 UNIQUELY DELECTABLE BLACK BEAN PICADILLO SHEPHERD’S PIE (wheat free/vegan option available) - You’re in for a taste treat with this wonderful meal! Savory black beans and veggies with Jamaican jerk inspired flavors (hints of cinnamon, cumin, clove, allspice, green chiles and cilantro) topped to perfection with creamy mashed potatoes.(360 cal / 3.4g fat / 14g fiber / 12.6g pro / 72g carb)

MARCH 2018

3/5 - 3/8 SCRUMPTIOUS AND SO HEALTHY! CHILI RELLENO HARVEST FIESTA BAKE (wheat free)* - Green chilies sprinkled with onion, tomato, scallion and corn, then blanketed with mildly spicy, creamy, savory custard, more green chilies and topped with melted cheese. Yum! (179 cal / 3g fat / 4g fiber / 20g pro / 23g carb) *Note: Special pricing for this meal only – $27 & $37 for small and large entrees respectively.

3/12 - 3/15 ST. PATRICK’S DAY SPECIAL! SPINACH ENCHILADAS SUIZAS (wheat free option available) - Corn tortillas layered with sauteed spinach, onion and garlic in a light Swiss cheese and green chili cream sauce. (279 cal / 9.5g fat / 3g fiber / 12g pro / 28g carb)

3/19 - 3/22 SCRUMPTIOUS AND SO HEALTHY! PROVENCALE BAKED CHICKPEA CASSEROLE (wheat free / vegan options available) - Exquisitely flavored with red wine, herbs, garlic and lemon. Full of veggies (cabbage, potatoes and tomatoes) with a bread crumb, parsley, garlic and parmesan cheese topping. (333 cal / 5.3g fat / 9g fiber / 12.6g pro / 51g carb)

3/26 - 3/29 EASTER SPECIAL! CREAMY ARTICHOKE PESTO STUFFED SHELLS* - Deceptively decadent...yet healthy! Artichokes, homemade pesto, green onion and cottage cheese stued shells are complemented by a light Bechamel (white) sauce with hints of dry sherry and Swiss cheese (330 cal / 12g fat / 2.2g fiber / 11.6g pro/ 22.5 g carb) *Note: Special pricing for this meal only. $27 & $37 for small and large entrees respectively.

ivy leaf  PLACING AN ORDER IS EASY! - At Ivy’s Cookin’ a new and delicious vegetarian entree is offered each week. Simply place your order by Monday night and Ivy will deliver a delicious 2-4 portion meal (9"x 9” pan) at your convenience on Thursday, or you can pickup Wednesday. All this for just $25. (A family size 9”x13” pan is $35).

ivy leaf  DOUBLE UP/FREEZE: - Meals from Ivy’s Cookin’ freeze exceptionally well - why not buy 2 so you always have 1 on hand for dinners when you’re too tired to cook, or lunches for those days on the go?

ivy leaf  GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE! - Ivy’s Cookin’ is a great gift idea for new moms, birthdays, potlucks, moving day, post surgeries, housewarmings, or as a simple act of kindness.

ivy leaf  REFERRALS - You receive a 1/2 PRICE MEAL when your referral brings me a new customer...Spread the word!

ivy leaf  A FREE GIFT! - Receive a FREE food gift with your first order from Ivy’s Cookin’!

ivy leaf  WATCHING YOUR FOOD INTAKE?  Ivy now provides fat, fiber, & calorie info for those folks who may be on a weight loss program. Easily calculate your points! (Info based on 4 servings for a 9”x9” pan and 8 servings for a 9”x13” pan).

ivy leaf  FULLY LICENSED - Ivy’s Cookin’ kitchen is fully licensed by the State of Oregon Department of Agriculture.

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